Who She Is


Claire Ray is an Oakland based artist and California darling. She came up in the mist and high grasses of the Central Coast and her work is profoundly influenced by these landscapes, and others, the desert, the human body, the tree line. Artistically nurtured from a young age she embraced visual art as a foundation for her academic pursuits both at University of California, Santa Cruz and later while earning a degree in Landscape Architecture at University of California, Davis. 

Her medium is ever evolving and building on itself as she gracefully transitions from canvas, to wood panels, to large-scale murals and event decor. Furthermore, the language of her work employs a multitude of materials, capturing the true expression of her vision with whatever it may call for: oils, watercolor & ink, metallic or clay based acrylic. Her work is at once energetic and soothing; creating something rich and clean from the out-of-doors and out-of-mind